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         Research & Development
    Research & Development at the heart of our company. We have brought our Research,

    Development and Marketing departments together so that our research and development is in touch with market trends. This enables us to offer tools and services able to meet rapidly changing requirements.

    • Control over the design, the application and the use of our speciality Biological and Chemical products are essential for developing our markets.
    • The Research Centre places its science and services at

    the service of customers to develop products for the future.All research workers apply their expertise to developing new

    • products and improving the performance of our products, in particular for the beauty, medicine, health and cosmetic markets.
    • SHEMGMA's research is also based on collaboration with public and private research organizations such as Chemical Industry Academe, National Botanic Garden, Institution of Higher Education and Lab. These joint research projects enable SHENGMA to respond more accurately and more quickly to meet the market requirements for technical performances.

    Research & Development for today... and tomorrow

    Today, people are increasingly to see what the optimal health is very important with body. And as scientific research continues to provide more information about the relationship between nutrition and health, new ways are being found to increase and enhance this connection. The result is a fast-growing demand for Biological and Chemical that improves processed. This is the field in which SHENGMA excels.These solutions not only meet your technical requirements, they greatly increase the marketability of your end products. 
    Whether you are planning to design a new product, or improve an existing application, SHENGMA can help you every step of the way.